Fictional experience:  being a innocent victim of BHU’s lathicharge…

I woke up at 8:30 well obviously against my will. It was all about the molestation and agitation against molestation, the unfortunate incident of the previous day. My guts was all about “you don’t know a shit about it so how can you support others in that strike” but well guts don’t have anything to do when peer pressure forces you to do things. So I just rushed to the main gate of BHU with a thought that maybe something fruitful come out of this strike and surely victim girl will get justice. So we started that so called strike against molestation… Slowly as the time progressed the females started to decrease in population and males started to make this social issue extremely political. Well by now I was just standing there to save my dear revolutionary friends from that suffocating crowd.

By the second day it was all about “Vice chancellor leave the college” and all that sort of political issues like modi would have done something, Its justice stabbing and all. Till that time I was practically ready to drag my friends out of that mob but unfortunately my timid personality doesn’t allowed me to do so.

 But at that night something happened. I think even police also got bored of this melodrama and out of courtesy to our respected Vice Chancellor they brutally started to beat down every single creature roaming around that place. Even doggies were like ” what the fuck have I done. Keep your humans matter up to yourself buddy” and my only thought was to save my sisters regardless of whatever happens to me. 

Now sitting at this hospital with a bandage all over my head I am only thinking that surely mistake can be of anyone but pain and devastation spread on us all…and for myself I can only say…it pains alot when that bamboo kisses your body and certainly for the next time I am surely going to listen to my guts only.


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