Changing era: From M. Tech to MBA…

From ancient colonial times engineers are one of the prime building block of modern society and are the responsible members who take the burden to develop a socially organised society.

There was a time when B Tech engineers were praised to be the developers of the society. Then there came a time when engineers with a deeper knowledge of there domain came into existence. They were the postgraduate students with a wider domain knowledge. This helped the society to truly understand the potential of development at its fullest.

Nowadays, the society is changing in a swift and rapid manner. Decision making is a primary quality that any engineer is needed to possess. Gone are those days when engineers were only a player with a definite target and a bat to reach to that target. Today some coach qualities are needed in every engineer so that when it comes to chasing the target they can easily predict the strategy to play a 20-20 or test ,according to the demand.

Decision making skills were surely a ornament of a management student especially MBA (masters in business administration). They had a proper education set to enhance their decision making skills. Now imagine, a engineer with incredible level of technical knowledge gets a quality to make decisions to use that knowledge for the best interest of society. It can create wonders. That’s why every organisation in one way or another is searching for engineers with an additional post graduate in management.

Some key points to show the importance of MBA over M. Tech are as under:

  1. M tech basically develops a depth of the same technical knowledge present in the student ,whereas; MBA develops a different skill set of communication skills and decision making abilities.
  2. M tech students often are considered to be a research scholars whereas MBA students are considered as professional gentlemen.
  3. Students with M tech usually have limited career options of being a professor or employee of any firm but an MBA have the ability to choose from a wide range of available options like entrepreneurship, domain related jobs or decision making platforms.

Atlast, to concluded all we know is that there is no degree or studies which doesn’t give a fruitful result the only thing is that concept of thinking can differ from person to person.

Education is a treasure which can never be stolen


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